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Friday, April 06, 2007

Swimming Competition Cake

And the winner goes to..................

So here's the story, few months ago i made a cake for Umang Moondra, Director for Citigroup. This cake order came from Mbak Yustina, my friend. Couple weeks ago, i got a phone call from Mbak Irma. She work in Citigroup and she asked me if i could make a cake for her boss, Umang. Anyway, few days later i got a phone call from Gauri Moondra. She's Umang's wife. Gauri asked me if i could make birthday cake for their son, Arunava. I remember her email mentioned the detail of the cake :

from : Gauri Moondra
To : Luluk Lely Soraya I
Date : Mar 23, 2007 7:33 PM
subject : Cake for Arunava's 7th Birthday

Hi Lulu,

Thanks so very much for your email . I was able to discuss the
theme for the cake with my SON and he loved the idea now he is truly excited
and looking forward to seeing it.

We can go ahead with 30cm by 40cm choclate cake with the swim meet theme.
(I think this is the same size as the one you made for my husband as confirmed to me
by Irma.) I was talking to some friends and they too are so excited and can't wait to
see it infact a friend's son has his birthday in June and she's already decided on a cricket theme ......well we will talk about that later....!

Well getting back to ARUNAVA's cake , I have some ideas and will just share them
with you after that I leave it to you.

- we would love nice bright colours , the lovely turquoise blue of the water is great
and children wearing bright coloured swim suits too. One of the cakes on your
website showed a girl in a pretty pink and white swim costume it was great,
and boys in reds and blues.

- Maybe there could be 4 lanes or so with children swimming and some children sitting
under an umbrella on chairs outside , some trees etc....a refree etc, ofcourse with my
son Arunava comming first!!! Idea is many figures as i know there'll be a scramble for
them. The outside area can be white if you think that appropriate, you know best.

- On your website in Alyssa's birthday cake made on 6th August 2005 there were many
children in some kind of action which was great. We all love choclate cake so the inside will have to be your special choclate cake.


Thanks again and look forward to getting many cakes from you.

Warm Regards


After working with paper and pen, finally i made a design for Arunava' cake. I name it "Swimming Competition Cake. Here is the design :

The next day, Gauri confirmed the no 1 version as Arunava' cake. Quite complicated since i should made more than 10 figures on the cake. But it challenged me !

In the big day, everything was behind my expectation. My pretty daughter, Alyssa, got sick. She had high fever. So i should hold her many time over the night. I didn't remember until i realize it's already early in the morning and finally the cake was almost done. I haven't slept yet. Alyssa got better. I feel so happy that finally i could finished the cake. Alhamdulillah. I thought i'ts gonna be never ending story. I must admit that i feel quite happy with the result.

Swimming Competition Cake
Click to the image for bigger view

Close up

And the winner goes to ............

Swimmers in action

Picnic time

Food stall nearby the pool

Few more hours later, i received a message from Gauri in my cellphone :

"Thanks a ton my dear. The cake was a superhit with everyone. Only one mistake i wish i had asked you your namecard. I would have passed it around to everyone. I was very happy to meet you too. You look as sweet as you sound on the phone. Hope Alyssa is better. I will call and talk to you tomorrow. Thanks so much once again. Love. Gauri."

I feel so relieve. Alhamdulillah.

Mamalehe Kitchen
"It's not just a cake"
by Luluk


  • At 3:33 PM, Blogger Dianibung said…

    mba luluk pengen liat keseluiruhan cakenya dung...kayaknya cantik banget eh...bagus banget. Hebad bener deh mba... dan aku rajin mengikuti tampilan karyamu di femina


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